Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The heat is on

Convicted felon Arch Moore is apparently urging his daughter to run for the Senate. The question is why? Again and again, Moore tries to recreate his public image through his daughter without admitting that he is a crook of the first degree. He not only does not apologize for being publicly corrupt and taking bribes, he now claims it never happened.

Almost as odd is that Capito does not distance herself from Moore. If Capito runs for the Senate, or runs again for the House, she needs to answer a few questions about her father: Does she believe that he took bribes? How does she explain her father's wealth? What has her father admitted to her? How much of a role does her father have in advising her? This man is not just her father--he is one of the defining politicians of the second half of the 20th Century in West Virginia----and his corruption had a devastating effect on the image of West Virginia.

Mrs. Capito, why can't you keep your personal life personal and your public life public. Please don't keep secrets from the public about the role of the felon in your public life.