Friday, December 23, 2005

Shelley Moves Left: Supports Gay Rights

In a turnabout, Congresswoman Capito recently voted to include gays and lesbians in a hate crimes bill. Capito has an inconsistent record on gay rights. The vote is seen as a move to distance herself from the far right of the party as she enters a difficult election year. Sources close to Capito say that she is gay friendly and probably has quite a few gay friends. However, she feels pressured to publicly side with the right wing of her party most of the time on gay rights.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone in West Virginia screaming bloody murder over Capito's reckless tacit confirmation of the rumors at Sago Creek?

No other offical trotted out there for the CNN cameras until the knew the score. We can blame the media, but they had the incumbent Member of Congress from the district in which the mine is located saying "12 miner alive" on air!

Capito was in such a hurry to be the first to break the happy news and thereby gain the political boost that she didn't bother making sure what she said was true. A leader should beahve more responsibly.

How much of a role was played bu Shelley wanting to beat Joe Manchin to the punch as she looks ahead to 2008? I can't believe the state media is just letting her dodge her role in misinforming the public.

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