Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I don't wanna talk about this-Listen Carefully

Listen carefully to Shelley tell the truth about she returned her DeLay money. She says she wants to talk about the issues, not about the DeLay money. Then she tries to change the topic. She says, "...I would be on firmer ground to just not have the money"
On why she was at top of DeLay's list for $ as reported the Charleston Gazette as $48,000.00:"The figure is an incorrect figure...the actual figure is $41,000...I'm glad to have an opportunity to clear that up...."
But the incredible part of the clip: "I think any leadership PAC....they're more interested in having control of their parties.."
Basically Shelley admits that she got the money because Tom DeLay wanted to influence her. If she admits that she knew this, WHY DID SHE TAKE THE MONEY?
Hoppy really dropped the ball on this one. This answer is really, really incredible!
Shelley tries to cover by bringing up Sago!
PS: Her answer on why she got Indian tribal money is pretty good too.

Shelley: Trying to succesfully flip-flop in Iraq

This blogger has done a nice analysis of Shelley's inability to be decisive about Iraq. She doesn't want to betray the President, but yet...she's still gotta win an election in a state that's changed its mind.

Shelley and Bob Ney: Smelly Yet?

There's a lot more to Shelley's involvment with DeLay, Inc.

Outta Both Sides of Her Mouth: Abortion

If one takes a quick look at some of Shelley's FEC information, you'll find both that West Virginia for Life PAC and the Republican Majority for Choice PAC have both spent money on her behalf. Shelley likes to cultivate the image with her South Hills crowd that she's really is pro-choice. At the same time she tries to soothe her pro-life supporters. She doesn't *really* like to talk about it. Interestingly, Shelley's currently got a 44 % rating by the National Right to Life Committee.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Shameless Shelley I

People have been wondering about Shelley's use/abuse of the franking system in Congress and its curious correlation to campaign activities. (Franking is the ability of members of congress to send mailings to constituents using taxpayers' money).
Shelley is starting to get nervous. Her current mailing is only vaguely informational and very much targeted at the swing votes in the Eastern Panhandle. Federal law prohibits the use of franking privileges for campaign material, but for ethically-challenged Delay cronies, it is hardly surprising.
What I love about this mailing is that she is bragging about the money she was able to deliver to the Eastern Panhandle AND she's making the Taxpayers pay for it. This particular mailer is a glossy 8.5 x 11 unlike most we've seen.

For readers of our little blog, the good news is that that you can look forward to a lot more of Shelley's exploits in the months to come.
Ironically, Shelley recently said, "I send mailers from time to time. I try to stick to the informative..."