Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I don't wanna talk about this-Listen Carefully

Listen carefully to Shelley tell the truth about she returned her DeLay money. She says she wants to talk about the issues, not about the DeLay money. Then she tries to change the topic. She says, "...I would be on firmer ground to just not have the money"
On why she was at top of DeLay's list for $ as reported the Charleston Gazette as $48,000.00:"The figure is an incorrect figure...the actual figure is $41,000...I'm glad to have an opportunity to clear that up...."
But the incredible part of the clip: "I think any leadership PAC....they're more interested in having control of their parties.."
Basically Shelley admits that she got the money because Tom DeLay wanted to influence her. If she admits that she knew this, WHY DID SHE TAKE THE MONEY?
Hoppy really dropped the ball on this one. This answer is really, really incredible!
Shelley tries to cover by bringing up Sago!
PS: Her answer on why she got Indian tribal money is pretty good too.


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