Friday, August 04, 2006

Shameless Shelley I

People have been wondering about Shelley's use/abuse of the franking system in Congress and its curious correlation to campaign activities. (Franking is the ability of members of congress to send mailings to constituents using taxpayers' money).
Shelley is starting to get nervous. Her current mailing is only vaguely informational and very much targeted at the swing votes in the Eastern Panhandle. Federal law prohibits the use of franking privileges for campaign material, but for ethically-challenged Delay cronies, it is hardly surprising.
What I love about this mailing is that she is bragging about the money she was able to deliver to the Eastern Panhandle AND she's making the Taxpayers pay for it. This particular mailer is a glossy 8.5 x 11 unlike most we've seen.

For readers of our little blog, the good news is that that you can look forward to a lot more of Shelley's exploits in the months to come.
Ironically, Shelley recently said, "I send mailers from time to time. I try to stick to the informative..."


Blogger Senihele said...

Do you know who paid for Bush's appearance at Capito's Charleston fundraiser?

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