Thursday, May 11, 2006

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Shelley Moore Capito is why they hate America...

"Moazzam Begg, a Muslim born and raised in the United Kingdom, was held for three years in U.S.-run prisons beginning in 2002. He was seized by the CIA at his home in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he and his family were living. Bound, hooded and stuffed in a car trunk, he was flown to Afghanistan, where he was put in Kandahar prison and then in another facility at Bagram before being taken to Guantanamo, Cuba, until his release in 2005. He recounted his ordeal in a book, “Enemy Combatant.”

"The reason for Begg’s incarceration? With his wife and daughter, Begg had traveled to Afghanistan to work on education and water projects in 2001, then moved to Pakistan once the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan began after the 9/11 attacks.

"On a “Democracy Now” broadcast in July 2006, Begg asked, “What did I do to harm the U.S.? All their claims were based on airy accusations, not proof.”

"While in Bagram and Kandahar, Begg was hog-tied in an animal-type position, kicked, chained to the floor for hours, beaten, and mostly kept in darkness for 11 months. The worst, he said, was listening to a woman screaming in a cell next to him—whom he believed could be his wife—and witnessing the deaths of two detainees."


What happened to American standards? What happened to American morality?

Not ALL of us are pro- "chickenshit strategery". Rep. Ed Markey has introduced a bill, H.R. 952, that would reiterate in no uncertain terms the illegality of the Bush torture policy and specifically require an end to “extraordinary rendition.”

Fellow West Virginian Shelley Moore Capito is ON RECORD as being PRO TORTURE and FOR ILLEGAL KIDNAPPING (also known as "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION"), and has actively blocked efforts to put a stop to these inhumane, destructive and unAmerican activities.

One wonders if her hubby (a top Saloman Smith-Barney Investment Advisor in Washington D.C.) is "double dealing" when it comes to advising his company how to fold the following "winning" defense contractor stocks into their client portfolios...

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